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Submitted on
January 6, 2013


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Art Contest [ Closed! ]

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 7:55 PM
Update 3/1/13 : Contest is now closed! Judging will
begin soon! Even if I did not reply yet to your comment, I have
recieved / checked all entries. (: Here's the link to the entries :…

Hello! I am holding an art contest. ♥
Anyone is free to join. Just read/follow the rules, and if you
have any questions, please ask me! Contest starts on
January 6th and ends on February 28th. Comment on
this journal with your entry or note me! (:

- You must draw at least 1 of my OCs : Basliotte, Aurelie, or Lucille.
- Try to be creative and try your best. There's no specific theme.
- You are free to design outfits for them, but not too far off from the
original designs please. No anthro versions & no gender changes. ; -;
- Any medium is accepted as long as one of my OCs are drawn!
(traditional / digital / chibi / fullbody / pixel / etc )
- Strictly nothing mature, graphic, or disturbing. I mainly like cute themes!
- 1 character per canvas! But you can have as many entries as you like! ♥
- It must be ALL your own work! No bases allowed. ; -;
- If possible, I'd love to see WIPs of your entry. ^^ Im excited for every entry
for this contest! ♥

First place:
+ 10 USD via paypal (or the = amount of points)
+ 1000 points + a watch/llama from me.
+ a simple dress up game of your OC from me
+ as many pixel icons I can do within 4 days
+ a pre-made custom box BG from *pommeraie.
+ a watch/llama from *deweydeweydewbah.
+ a chibi/llama from *KokoroKISS.
+ a lolita drawing (like this :… from ~AnotherOddity.
+ a drawing of whatever you want from ~littlekanon.
+ a headshot from *weiweihasPantaloons.

Second place:
+ 5 USD via paypal (or the = amount of points)
+ 500 points + a watch/llama from me.
+ 2 (Style 1) pixel icons + 1 (Style 3) pixel icons
+ 1 pixel icon from *iRyoki!
+ a llama from *deweydeweydewbah and *KokoroKISS.
+ a half-body drawing from ~AnotherOddity.
+ a colored headshot from ~Khryas.
+ a headshot from *weiweihasPantaloons.

Third place:
+ 250 points + a watch/llama from me.
+ 1 (Style 1) pixel icon
+ a llama from *deweydeweydewbah and *KokoroKISS.
+ a headshot sketch from ~Khryas.

Basliotte - (left eye is brown + right eye is blue)

Artwork done by *Yosura!

Aurelie - (both eyes are black/dark brown)

Artwork + original design done by *LoliHime-sama!

Lucille - (both eyes are black/dark brown)

Artwork + original design done by *LoliHime-sama!

Those who donate prizes / advertise my art contest (without being
obnoxious!) will be featured on a separate journal! Good luck everyone ! ♥

Q: So how do I submit my entry?
A: Upload it to your gallery or an image sharing site, and then link me
either on this journal or through a note! (:

Q : So can I draw your OC in normal style / semi-realism / cartoon / etc?
A : YES, that is totally okay. It does NOT have to be chibi or anime style!

Q : What about personalities for your OCs? And what about Lucille's ears/tail?
Basliotte is outgoing, friendly, and a bit loud.
Aurelie is more quiet, shy, and warm hearted.
Lucille is more adventerous, perceptive, but still easy to talk to.

As for Lucille's ears/tail, you can leave it out. If you are going to include it,
remember it's just cosplay! Also she's supposed to be cosplaying as a kitten. ; v ; ♥

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AnimangaGirlChii Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohh T-T i'm sad i wanna to participate :/ i hope you will make other like this soon, because your chars are soo cute
AnotherOddity Mar 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
When will winners be announced?

(and the prize donators be featured in that journal, just to mention)

I mean, the contest ended last month. So the judging MUST be over by now.

So when will winners be announced?
Uh actually, the contest ended a few days ago LOL.
But yeah, its posted now. (:
AnotherOddity Mar 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you :)

I just noted the winners for details on the pictures I'm doing for them.
OrellaTabby Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You didn't add my picture to your entries list but you favourited it a while ago.. [link] ;A;
Sorry about that! I added it!
OrellaTabby Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem! Thank you for replying so quickly! :3
Ah! :heart: glad my entry is in, that means I made it on time ; - ;, thank you! Here is a WIP of it: [link] (saw you like WIP (; )
OMG judging is soon OvO :iconrubcheeksplz:
Good luck everyone =]
Here is my entry: [link] Hope I'm still on time in your time zone '''OTL ... (though I failed at coloring ; _ ; )
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